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Organizational Change Management and Customer Success with ServiceNow [and How to Get There]

“We make the world of work, work better for people.” – John Donahoe, CEO, ServiceNow®.  ServiceNow, the technology company, is talking about people as the critical factor of their customers’ success. Continue reading

The 4-C’s of a Global Payroll Transformation Journey [Why a Third-Party Advisor is a Must]

If you have ever purchased a diamond you know the 4-C’s are very important to the process.  The diamond industry has done an excellent job defining their customer and product and educating the buyer on exactly what to look for!  The global payroll industry has been trying to accomplish the same... Continue reading

3 Keys to Customer Success with ServiceNow

Refreshing and spot-on!  These are two thoughts I had while listening to the keynote speech at the ServiceNow® Knowledge18 PartnerNow conference.  “Refreshing” because I am finally seeing a formal, strong emphasis on the people side of the enterprise from a major technology player.  “Spot-on”... Continue reading

Our Global Reach

Our deep global business process, systems and IT knowledge-base stems from experience with over 100 multinational companies in over 90 countries on 6 continents.