As a service automation platform that supports and manages intakes, workflow processing, tasks, interface management, self-service capabilities and enhanced reporting, ServiceNow® solutions allow businesses to be more proactive in improving the customer experience.

Spencer Thomas Group (STG) is a ServiceNow® Services Partner and has proven experience in designing and installing self-service portals, implementing system-based service management (e.g., asset management, problem/incident management, provisioning, BYOD support), and automating and streamlining IT processes. We have advised on the approach, delivered solutions and helped support many ServiceNow® rollouts for our clients.

Outcomes include:

  • Enhanced customer service
  • Increased transparency in IT service delivery
  • Improved legal and regulatory compliance
  • Improved customer satisfaction (both internal and external clients)

ServiceNow® enables you to spend less time managing infrastructure and more time creating innovative solutions that enable you to provide a truly modern customer experience.

At Flexiwage we believe that employers care about their employees. We believe that they care if their workers are struggling with managing their income or are at risk of falling into debt. We also believe that a happy employee is a more productive one. Let us help you empower your employees.

Employee Benefits:

Financial Wellness
Control and Budget your Income to ensure you have your money when you need it - your wage, your way!

  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improvement in overall health and wellbeing

Employee Engagement
Increase employee engagement by offering a benefit that will have a real impact on your employees quality of life!

  • Engagement - more productive, loyal and motivated employees
  • Cashflow increase as more money is retained in your account for longer
  • Consolidate pay frequencies to save up to 75% on payroll administration
  • Attract & Retain the best employees

Product Information 
Simple Process: Flexiwage integrates with your existing payroll system, so no costly re-implementation!

Process: Monthly payroll is processed by company payroll function either in-house or outsourced. Final Gross to Net is then uploaded to Flexiwage.

Employees: Flexiwage sends a noti cation and Employee can now log in to their Flexiwage Pro le online or on mobile to update and con rm their Payroll Schedule.

Payment: Flexiwage produces payment file for processing based on the employee determined pay schedules.

World First 
Spencer Thomas Group (STG) has partnered with World First USA Inc. (World First) to bring you an International Payments service that helps organizations move money around the world quickly, securely and at competitive exchange rates. World First’s international wire transfer service makes it easy for organizations to efficiently pay overseas employees in multiple currencies, as well as make payments to most tax authorities, third party vendors that are not related to payroll, and daily accounts payable operations.

Fund One Account and World First Does the Rest!
As organizations expand globally, so does their need to move money around the world, but banking and global payments are often a source of complexity and pain. The process often results in more internal resources, inconsistent processes, time consumption, and legal and financial risk when paying employees or tax authorities across the globe.

Through their partnership, STG and World First deliver a truly effective International Payments solution that integrates seamlessly with global payroll platforms to harness leading technology and processes that help significantly reduce financial burden and risk. World First assists with transfers from your central currency to the in-country banks or to direct employee bank accounts. There are typically wire fees, bank or trust accounts fees, and non-transparent spreads added on for this service. World First can eliminate fees and offer transparent spreads.

Cost and Time Saving Benefits:

  • Simple
    ·      Supply one file containing all international payroll details
    ·      Quickly upload all beneficiary details and arrange payments in just a few clicks
    ·      Settle transactions in a single currency
    ·      Full transaction audit and payment tracking
  • Accurate
    ·      Payments are scheduled to ensure they are received on time
    ·      Pre-payment data validation prevents misdirected payments and delays
  • Cost Effective
    ·      We offer competitive exchange rates!
    ·      No need to set up and run multiple currency accounts
    ·      Use the same service to make non-payroll payments such as expense reimbursements, tax payments, etc.

How it Works: