Transformation Services 
Market forces, evolving business requirements, organizational changes, and the emergence of new technologies create significant challenges for IT organizations. Companies must continue to align IT services with changing business needs and develop transformation strategies, capabilities, and operations that expediently and cost-effectively support and drive the business.

STG’s deep understanding of business and IT allow us to develop and execute Transformation Services strategies that solve complex challenges. We deliver the business, organizational and technology-related insights necessary for you to make the right decisions, then provide services that increase overall flexibility and agility, and improve clarity around roles and expectations.

We’ve built a global network of experienced consultants that expertly support and deliver business transformation, focused IT spending, measurable business results, and increased shareholder value.

  • Business Process Reengineering/Optimization
  • Business Capability Modeling
  • Data Center Management & Migration Services
  • Cloud Architecture/Virtualization
  • Enterprise Data Services (BI/DW)
  • System Architecture & Support

Organizational Change Management 
For those clients undergoing a transformation, we leverage our experience and insights from our Organizational Change Management practice to help them succeed. We advise our clients through effective management of alignment, awareness, training and adoption for all relevant parties and stakeholders involved in the change.

Our approach to OCM is designed to orchestrate, and make manageable, what can otherwise be a very complex undertaking. In the change process, we provide a defined structure to engage individuals and groups across the enterprise. We craft a thorough strategy and plan, addressing risks, then execute with a methodical approach, enabling companies to manage change with precision and more predictable results.