Top 3 Take-Aways from ADP’s Meeting of the Minds 2018
By STG's HCM Leadership Team

Mar 26, 2018 | HCM | 0 comments


I’m sure there are more than three take-aways from Meeting of the Minds 2018, but these are three that resonated with me:

1. Focus on ADP Workforce Now (WFN) –  ADP continues to push this product further into their up market National Account Services space.  Guiding themes in the development of WFN include User Experience, Reporting (see DataCloud), Compliance, Integration and Talent.  The two most exciting payroll changes coming are:

  • The ability for employees to update both Federal and State W4 forms via a self-service portal.  For years clients have asked for state forms to be online and integrated directly into the employee database.  It’s great to see this coming in WFN, it would be nice to see a timeline for Enterprise and Vantage clients too.
  • Secondly, a true North America platform. ADP is targeting Summer 2018 for a single database solution via WFN that will manage employee data and process payroll for both the US and Canada.

2. Global Cloud Connect (GCC) Many large global companies do not know how many HCM system touch points they have.  It’s not only the multiple HCM and Payroll systems across and within countries, but also Time, Benefits, Talent, and unique local country data and reporting requirements.  Accurate global reporting can be so complicated many companies do not even attempt it.  ADP’s goal is to gain better visibility by knowing the number of integrations into your payroll process and using the tool to audit, monitor and control them.  Global Cloud Connect (GCC) seeks to simplify these integrations across systems and countries by managing them with one tool.  ADP’s GCC addresses many typical challenges by bringing data in via captures and templates, validating data up front, providing audit transparency and providing better global reporting.  Validation of the data coming into payroll is one key to a more accurate payroll.  GCC also provides ADP data security and delivers better global insight (see DataCloud), all of which helps to improve payroll processing efficiency.

3. DataCloud – ADP really does have big data and they are continuing to evolve their reporting possibilities with DataCloud.  What’s really impressive is that ADP has provided access across multiple platforms including Vantage HCM, Enterprise, Workforce Now, eTime and ADP Recruiting.  

DataCloud focuses on four areas:

  • Compare – Targeted industry Benchmarking based on ADP’s deep and broad data sets (roughly 30 Million employees).  This is the ADP DataCloud differentiator!
  • Measure – Standard Reporting and Analytics that companies rely on as well as the ability for customized reporting.
  • Predict – Leverage reporting data to make better decisions and predict events.
  • Apply – Utilize the insights gained to educate employees, managers, and executives in order to make better decisions.

Additionally, DataCloud new features such as Business Mashups, allow clients to import their own data via spreadsheet and report on that data from within DataCloud.  Also new is the ability to report on ADP Recruiting provides useful Recruiting Analytics. Finally, as would be expected, DataCloud is continuing to be developed for Mobile.

These were my top 3 take-aways from MOTM. How does my list compare to yours? I’d enjoy hearing from you so we can share in a future edition of Global Insights. 

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