Looking Back, Moving Forward ’18
By Chris Klein, SVP, Global HR & Payroll Solutions

Jan 10, 2018 | Payroll | 0 comments


It seems like not long ago I was sitting here looking at my laptop screen and tapping away at the keys talking about what happened in 2016 and what we were planning for 2017.   Last year, about 2,000 people read my ramblings and throughout the year that number has gone up each time we post original content.   I think that it’s because we do our best to share meaningful and timely information that you can use, but at this time of year my kids tell me “oh dad….” and remind me to be humble and that I am not nearly as cool as I think I am as I get older and that not everyone cares to hear what I have to say!

Speaking of getting older, did you know that Spencer Thomas Group is going to be 20 years old in 2018?   I am very proud to admit that I have known STG for 19 of those 20 years.   I was not a part of the firm for all of it.  To be honest, most of it I was a customer just like you.   2018 will bring my 5 year anniversary as a leader in this amazing firm and my only regret is that I missed out on that very first year to say I was there when it all started.

20 years ago….let’s see what was happening then:

  • NASA landed Mars Pathfinder
  • IBM Deep Blue beat Kasparov in chess
  • Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule from the UK
  • Microsoft becomes the most valuable company in the world at $261 billion dollars
  • The Dow Jones closed above 7,000 for the first time

Those were some pretty incredible milestones.   Go ahead and compare them to the news yesterday on your iPhone or your Samsung or whatever device you use that didn’t exist back then.   Amazing.   You know what else is amazing?   The opportunity we get every day here at STG to help companies that are continuing to change the world and make these sort of headlines.   We may not be the catalyst for the inventions or the engineering miracles, but we do know how to support every company in the world, big or small, with their HR and payroll needs.   Those translate into happy employees that make this amazing world go around.   We love our part in that massive and complex system and we know how to make it just a little less complex for our clients each and every day.

I am proud to say that we hit every single objective we set out last year and then some (Read last years “Looking Back, Moving Forward” blog) and for 2018 I’m just going to say that we have no plans to slow down at all.  

What will 2018 bring?   No one can answer that, but I sure can tell you that I hope it brings continued success to you, me and everyone that is reading this and beyond.   We’re in nearly 100 countries now and the one thing I know is truly universal across all cultures, all time-zones, all people is the hope that the new year is better than the last one.

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