STG + ServiceNow® = a Better Healthcare Environment
By Bob Dell Isola, SVP, Global Services

May 19, 2016 | SeviceNow | 0 comments

With the countless strains put upon healthcare IT infrastructures these days, many hospital IT administrators are turning to ServiceNow®. As a service automation platform that supports and manages intakes, workflow processing, tasks, interface management, self-service capabilities and enhanced reporting, ServiceNow® solutions allow healthcare businesses to be more proactive in improving the patient experience.

Spencer Thomas Group’s long history in delivering healthcare solutions, coupled with our strong capabilities with ServiceNow®, allow us to tailor our services to better support the delivery of quality healthcare. We have proven experience in designing and installing standard services, such as self-service portals, implementing system-based service management (e.g., asset management, problem/incident management, provisioning, BYOD support), as well as streamlining and automating both corporate and IT functions to address healthcare provider and administrators’ needs. We advise on the right approach, deliver real solutions and help support ServiceNow® rollouts that yield measurable results.

Consider EHR/EMR Release Management. Physicians, nurses, clinicians & hospital administrators all funnel requests into IT for functional enhancements, service changes or process support for their day-to-day systems, like Epic. The IT department then needs to process these requests, typically in conjunction with the Epic business analysts, to ensure they are handled properly.

PMSome of the challenges encountered in this scenario include:
– How are those requests managed, assigned, tracked, reported on?
– How are they identified, classified and prioritized as they are added to the queue?
– How do you identify functional interactions and/or possible downstream consequences of implemented changes?
– How do you manage the demands from your clients, setting and managing their expectations and progress throughout the service cycle?

STG’s Solution:
STG has helped design solutions that leverage ServiceNow®’s Project Portfolio Management module to manage the above issues and successfully serve their clients’ enhanced feature set needs, all while reducing time to delivery and enhancing customer transparency and satisfaction. STG has advised on the approach, delivered solutions and helped support many ServiceNow® rollouts for our healthcare clients.

Outcomes include:
– Enhanced customer service
– Increased transparency in IT service delivery
– Improved legal and regulatory compliance
– Reduced auditing fees
– Improved customer satisfaction (both internal and external clients)

Spencer Thomas Group’s ServiceNow® Practice 
As an experienced third-party ServiceNow® partner, STG identifies problems and addresses challenges up front, delivering planning, business process improvement, process workflow, customization and configuration of ServiceNow® solutions for your organization’s unique needs. Whether you are just implementing ServiceNow® or seeking greater efficiencies for leveraging your existing investment, STG can help you design and implement solutions offering new features and functions that may not be available through a basic ServiceNow® implementation.

STG provides experienced, flexible, end-to-end project implementation teams with required skill sets, including Management /Business Consulting, Business Analyst, Developer, QA, Project Lead and Project Management services. We employ a tried and true delivery framework using a hybrid Agile/Rapid Application Deployment (RAD) software delivery model. Our approach is iterative to ensure client alignment; we consistently deliver quality service to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Service Relationship Management 
– Develop and deploy IT or Business Services

Systems Integration, Migration, and Conversions
 Create and install standard and custom integrations
– Migrate data from source to ServiceNow® 
– Convert applications from other services to ServiceNow®

Solutions Architecture 
– Technical system architecture planning
– Process improvement planning 
– Information architecture 
– UX, UI Design

Transformation Management 
– Business process improvement, streamlining and automation 
– Project management of business initiatives from other products and services to the ServiceNow® platform

– Onshore/offshore support model is available for 24 hour support
– Communication strategies that mitigate project risks up front and keep our customers informed every step of the way

– We build custom applications on the ServiceNow® platform to support your organization’s unique needs

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