Spencer Thomas Group’s RightFIT™ Strategy
By Bill Cassidy, SVP, Global Sales

The Right People for Every Phase of Your Project
Our insightful and dynamic resource strategy, RightFIT™ allows us to offer our clients the most experienced professionals available with the skills and knowledge required to meet business goals and objectives. We believe RightFIT™ makes the difference. Our extensive business and IT expertise, coupled with a thoroughly vetted network of talent, drives the success of your business’ initiatives. That’s why our customers rate STG higher for overall satisfaction than our competition.

We use a consultative approach to learn about your objectives, initiatives, culture and challenges. Obtaining a comprehensive understanding of your overall requirements is a critical first step in developing solutions and selecting targeted talent that’s the right fit for your specific needs.

Our STG-Sourced Strategy
After a consultant has been thoroughly vetted with our RightFIT™ resource strategy, including  management and peer review, and has successfully executed on an STG engagement with complete client satisfaction, they are designated as “STG-Sourced”. Our tested and proven STG-Sourced network ensures our clients have access to the top professionals with the best skills in the industry who have “been there” and “done that” successfully. 


The Top Advantages of Using RightFIT:
– STG-Sourced Consultants have an average of 15 years of industry experience and are seasoned professionals.
– STG-Sourced Consultants have prior experience ranging from small, specialized firms to the largest global consulting firms and organizations in HR, Payroll, HCM, Healthcare, Business Process Transformation, Organizational Change Management, Enterprise Applications, IT Strategy, Program and Project Management
– STG-Sourced Consultants enable On-Demand resourcing. We do not carry a “bench” of expensive talent like our competitors, so we are never pressured to get our underutilized consultants out on billing. We provide our clients the right resource, at the right time, with the right skills. The RightFIT™.
– Our STG-Sourced Consultants are field tested and client approved. These are RightFIT professionals that have successfully completed at least one assignment and have received full endorsement from our clients.

The RightFIT™ is Our Difference
We know the best and brightest professional resources in the industry. Our thorough and personal talent scouting, vetting, and skills-matching program sets us apart. STG recruiters get to know each of our candidates as individuals and we match them with your organization’s culture and business objectives.
STG provides project-based consultants for your business needs, whether you require specialized skill sets for your projects or operational backfill for back-office support. In addition, Spencer Thomas supports full-time client requirements utilizing the RightFIT™ strategy to meet our clients’ specific permanent placement needs.

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