The HCM Journey – Transformation Made Simple
By Chris Klein, SVP, Global HR & Payroll Solutions & Eric Villaverde, VP, HR & Payroll, EMEA & LATAM

Jun 15, 2017 | HCM | 0 comments


Where are you on your Human Capital Management (HCM) journey? How many organizations have ever asked themselves this question? And most importantly, who should be asking that question? Is it procurement, CFO, CIO, Head of HR?  Maybe it’s an employee or their manager. The answer is everyone’s favorite multiple choice “All of the above!”

That’s right! Depending on who you are and what your role is you may be tasked with work that can fall just about anywhere across the spectrum of what we here at Spencer Thomas Group (STG) refer to as the HCM Journey. In this day and age of methodology and order it seems everyone has their own way of showing how to get to success by following a point A to point B approach.

In reality the most important part is knowing where you are, what happened before you got there and what is on your roadmap before you determine your next steps,  so that you can make informed and strategic decisions. We like to keep things simple at STG so one day we were having a meeting with all of the best thought leaders in our firm and we asked ourselves, “What exactly is it our clients need help with and where can provide that help?” What we came up with is the diagram you see here and this article is meant to introduce a new Focus On series that will delve into each of the topics you see. 

In the coming months, you will hear from leaders of our firm, project managers, consultants and maybe even a few clients about this. We want the discussion to bring value to you and help you make those better decisions. We also want you to know where we can help if you feel a little lost or just want some expert advice to know that you are doing things right. So, to set the stage, here is a quick explanation of what the graphic means. 

hcmPICK IT – this is where things usually start. A corporate initiative has mandated the replacement or purchase of a new system or business process or maybe you have just gone through a merger, divestiture or acquisition. You need help to insure you are looking at all of your options in the right way. 

PLAN IT – you’ve made your choice or sometimes it’s been made for you and now you have to figure out what to do next! Who is going to do this? Where are they? What else are we competing for time against? How big is this project and how do I approach it!?

DO IT – contracts are signed, dates are agreed, people are ready and now you need to make it happen! Internal stakeholders, external stakeholders, vendors, third parties all need to be brought together in a thoughtful and cohesive way to insure things are done right.

LIVE IT –  you made it! Once you are live, your journey does not end but transforms into the next stage. Did your project deliver on the vision? Are there problems or opportunities for improvement?  What is next on your roadmap or are there phase II projects to consider? 

Across each of these categories are what we call the glue. Transformation, risk management, change management. There are many ways to describe and apply these, and blogs to come will get into all of that in more detail. 

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