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For years now, Spencer Thomas Group (STG) has had the pleasure of attending ADP’s annual conference, Meeting of the Minds (MOTM). In March, several members of the STG team traveled coast-to-coast from our HQ’s in snowy Portsmouth, NH to warm and sunny San Diego, CA for MOTM 2017.

As a Third-party HCM Strategic Advisor and Alliance Partner with ADP, our team reconnected with many relationships built over the years, including new ADP clients, prospects, and Global HCM/Payroll industry thought leaders. In our March blog, we discussed several of the key takeaways of MOTM 2017, see the full blog here: Key Takeaways: MOTM 2017.

One takeaway had a repeating theme that rang true in almost every conversation our team had at MOTM 2017: there is a growing HCM trend across the U.S. market for medium to large businesses – ADP’s cloud based HCM solution, Vantage.

So, what is Vantage and why is everyone talking about it? 
Vantage is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solution helping organizations gain a comprehensive insight into the various functions across their HCM suite. It’s been a hot topic lately because:

– ADP has been promoting it for a few years now as their flagship product for US based companies and it covers all of a clients end to end process needs.
– ADP is migrating clients using older systems like PCPW or Payforce to Vantage to simplify their product line and support channels
– Some clients that have other payroll systems that are dying or old are looking at their modern options and Vantage is an attractive one.  

What does the Vantage HCM suite offer?
– Recruiting
– Talent Management 
– ACA & Benefits
– Time & Labor
– Payroll 
– HCM Analytics

human-capital-management-solutions-dubaiWhat are some of the challenges organizations experience during a major HCM transformation?
– Process documentation – aligning business process requirements with system workflows 
– Integrations – assessing current system landscape and desired end-state 
– Lack of expertise, experienced personnel, or the time required to focus on and complete an implementation
– Cleaning up and Converting data from your legacy systems

What is the role of STG and what is our value add?
STG, as a client-side partner, assists and manages the overall implementation process of ADP’s Vantage product by aligning business processes, requirements and optimizing the full HCM suite. We can also offer subject matter expertise in the form of hands-on consultants who know Vantage, know ADP methodology and have a “been there, done that” approach to all phases of a Vantage project lifecycle.

STG Areas of Impact: 
– Gap analysis, integrations, UAT
– Pre-project planning
– Subject matter expertise
– Project management
– Testing support
– Post go-live stabilization

STG can help your company find Vantage-experienced people that can assist on the client side of the problem. Each STG-Sourced™ Consultant is already trained on the Vantage product, often with specializations in specific modules to better serve our clients’ needs. We also have access to all of the same resources ADP makes available to clients and we regularly work with internal ADP associates to keep our consultants current on changes to the product and training materials available.

STG can also assist in documenting current processes and procedures in detail, then provide recommendations for improvement, allowing the client to easily make decisions to improve their operations. Further, most organizations have learned that any significant change to their processes or systems require some level of focused change management for success. We agree and have built an element of Organizational Change Management (OCM) into our approach to effectively manage the alignment, awareness, training and adoption for all relevant parties and stakeholders involved in the change.

The success of any project or software implementation depends on having the right people. Spencer Thomas Group (STG) has the industry knowledge and subject matter experts with extensive experience to help implement projects that meet the needs of client’s strategic goals, internal users and customer base.

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