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Dean Goodman, VP, HR & Payroll Solutions, Celergo Practice Worldwide

Celergo Practice Leader
Dean has broad experience in business leadership and management with a history of delivering large-scale technology and strategy initiatives to clients. Key areas of strength include strategic planning, business operations, talent acquisition, organizational design and budgeting. He is recognized for being able to identify the big picture and break it down to actionable activities, with a strong emphasis on customer service and service delivery. His areas of expertise include Human Resources, Insurance, Corporate Finance and Accounting, Telephony, Marketing/Retail and Inventory Management business disciplines.

Dean has more than 35 years experience in HR, Payroll and IT across numerous industry verticals. He currently resides in Windham, NH with his wife of 30 years and is an avid collector of classic cars.

Email: Dean.Goodman@Spencer-Thomas.com

Phone: (603) 331-4952

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