Program and Project Management
STG has a core competency of Program and Project Management. Our consultants can plan, design, and execute system implementation at all levels. This knowledge is derived from hands on experience and multiple implementations across a variety of systems. Our Program Management addresses the Governance, Financial Management, Planning and overall Program support structure required to effectively administer a strategic program.

Effective program and project management is key to the success of any major business initiative. STG facilitates the management of your project by working collaboratively with your existing resources to identify common issues up front to avoid missed timelines and budget overruns. Whether you need efficient management of a project from start to finish, or assistance getting an ongoing project back on track, STG’s specialized program and project management expertise delivers the right strategies, people, and solutions to bring your project in on time and within budget.

Contingent Workforce
The contingent workforce market continues to grow at a double-digit annual pace as a percentage of the overall workforce. Companies need access to a professional services firm with the capability to effectively manage the process and provide top-notch talent. By employing our RightFIT™ resource strategy, STG develops a thorough understanding of your culture with a comprehensive evaluation of your existing operations and needs to provide a contingent workforce solution that makes sense for your organization. We assemble targeted resource teams with skill sets that are both appropriate for your specific project needs and who operate at your direction, on an hourly or daily rate basis.

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