ServiceNow® Enterprise Service

Pick your ServiceNow® partner as carefully as you picked the product.

Customer Success is at the core of each of our premier ServiceNow® Employee, IT and Customer Workflow implementations. Our team of elite consultants take time to understand your unique goals and requirements. Then we customize a proven approach to meet the specific scope and deliverables of your implementation. Not only are our resources experienced and certified, they are armed with STG’s RightFIT™ approach that complements and supports the ServiceNow® SAIF/SIM methodology and drives “best practice” performance with every implementation. This is a highly collaborative approach between our teams and focuses on outcomes that align with your industry and domain requirements, demonstrating true value back to the business.

Full Service Implementations
STG will work hand-in-hand with your team from the initial project planning phase through go-live support. Our consultants will take the lead in preparing the digital transformation plan based on ServiceNow®’s SAIF/SIM methodology and your organization’s strategic objectives. We’ll help drive organizational change management initiatives, institute business-aligned processes, architect and configure platforms, develop and deliver training, and provide project management.

Customer Directed Implementations
Companies with in-house expertise will often manage their own implementations. Our RightFIT™ Resources as a Service (RaaS) option is available to support your team and provide the right resources, when you need them. In addition, we have talent available to develop, manage and support new IT investments, onsite project teams, and can provide local and international specialists, depending on your regional needs.

Implementation Recovery
Missed project deliverables? Budget and schedule overruns? Loss of trust in your current provider? Waning executive support? An ever-growing gaps and issues list? If any of these rings true, your project could be at risk of implementation failure. It’s not too late, but time is of the essence. STG can assess your implementation and prepare a recovery plan so that you can stop compromising and start generating positive outcomes. We will work with your team to ‘right the ship’ and update your environment to reflect industry best practices, align the ServiceNow® platform with your business process and unlock the full value of your service management investment.

Mark Ludwig

VP, Enterprise Service Management
Phone: (305) 335-9099


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